Build lifelong friendships with fellow students who share your interests, passions, and perspectives.


Hygienic and quality food prepared by professionally qualified cooks is provided to the students in the hostel canteen and mess. Meals provided are wholesome and tasty and the menu caters to the tastes of the students who come with varied culinary preferences from different regions. The mess menu is planned and managed by the students themselves in consultation with the caterer and the management.


The cafeteria, inside the campus, provides an ideal place for students to sit together, exchange thoughts and notes over cups of coffee and wholesome snacks served throughout the day. It is beautifully designed with proper seating arrangement and is a place for relaxation and discussion, and for security purposes CCTV cameras are also installed in the canteen. The lighting and the ambience within the cafeteria is modeled on contemporary designs for cafeterias with comfortable seats and self-service concept. It is completely air conditioned with modern facilities such as minimum service time to the convenience of the students, faculty and staff etc.


The college provides a multi-nodal transport facility that connects all the important nodal points of the city to the campus. Thereby making it easy to navigate and reach campus from anywhere through this convenient fixture.


The college provides free Wifi service to all the students in the college and also as per student requirements in the hostel. This ensures connectivity with the outside world and also helps in studies and being updated on the global scenario.


Understanding that all work and no play makes students bored and easily distracted, we have provided many opportunities and avenues for them to indulge in to make themselves fit, healthy and use their energy in a positive manner. There are both indoor and outdoor sports facilities available in the campus with grounds for Cricket and Football, pits for Volleyball and Kabaddi, and a track for running and athletics. Indoor games include Carom, Chess and TT table.

We have tie-up with our Sister Concern – JMS Sports Academy, Hapur to give professional training to our students who so desires in Cricket, Kabaddi, Judo, Volleyball, Power Lifting, Professional Shooting


An on campus gymnasium with hi-tech machines is available only for boys, that encourage them to take fitness and health as seriously as their studies; as a healthy body houses a healthy mind. This also gives them a chance to bond with each other outside of the classrooms.

Student Counsellor

We connect the best with people of our own age and with each other. Keeping that in mind the college has come up with the idea of having student counselors for other new or existing students to help with their problems or doubts. They are available on the campus for not just career guidance but to provide emotional support if needed.

Medical Aid

We believe that health is wealth and hence medical care facility is kept as an upmost priority, so a medical room for preliminary care has been set up. For extensive or emergency health situations we have tie ups with Rama Super Specialty Hospital.

Dental Facility

We live with our mouths and live through it too, so dental care and hygiene is encouraged in the students. We have tie-ups with Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College for care and treatment of teeth, mouth and gums.


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